Music and Superstition

I am definitely a skeptic. However, I do have one weird hang-up that prohibits me from listening to Belle & Sebastian while driving my car.

See, two of my three wrecks occurred while I was listening to Belle & Sebastian records: the first to If You’re Feeling Sinister, and the other to Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

Conditions of the superstition: it’s okay to listen to them in anybody else’s car, just not mine, and not as long as I’m the one driving.  This embargo only applies to all albums released up to (and including) Dear Catastrophe Waitress, although I have noted that this does encompass the greater part of the B&S catalogue. The Life Pursuit, strangely enough, appears to be safe, as well as the recently-released BBC Sessions.

Even though I’ve found Belle & Sebastian’s music to be cursed (at least for the purposes of road trips), the records might have prevented the accidents from being far more serious.  The wreck with If You’re Feeling Sinister as its soundtrack was a harmless fender-bender, not even a scratch on either car;  the Dear Catastrophe Waitress incident was a little more severe as far as vehicles were concerned, but no one was hurt.  The other wreck, by contrast, happened to Poe’s second album, Haunted, which I should have recognized as a bad omen.  My car was totalled, and subsequently ate the CD.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has any weird music-related superstitions or rituals.


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I like horror movies, poetry, and weird things. ATX

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