A gift from the Mew-niverse

I don’t understand a word of Danish, but the NRK site posted a video interview of Mew’s lead singer Jonas Bjerre and guitarist Bo Madsen talking about the new album, No More Stories...  What I can tell you is that the video gives us our very first sound-bytes of a few new songs.  From what I can hear, the music sounds a little more upbeat, and a lot more straightforward, than 2005’s moody space opera And the Glass-Handed Kites, but still ambitious as ever.  The brief clips give me hope that this album will let the songs (and the vocals) have more breathing room; Kiteswas beautiful, but frustratingly dense in its production.

Video highlights for a non-Danish speaker: a few more minutes to gaze at the adorable Bjerre is always welcome, and He of the Magic Moustache  (that’s Madsen, for those who aren’t hip) has a fancy new haircut!

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