Song of the Moment: “Introducing Palace Players” by Mew

We zany Mew fans finally get a taste — thanks, Pitchfork! — of the upcoming album  No More Stories. . .(which won’t be released in the U.S. until August 25th) with the first single “Introducing Palace Players.”  My immediate reaction to the song is ambivalent; I’ve worried that this album might get the Franz Ferdinand treatment, since producer Rich Costey has also worked with those Scots, and it’s true that the angular guitars and dirty disco sounds are more than a little reminiscent. However, the pop sensibility in the melody is purely Mew, as well as the off-kilter beat that slowly coalesces into a loping groove. I’ll have to reserve my judgement for the rest of the album.  Mew songs tend to be overstuffed and sound a bit messy out of context.  But, in the meantime, hurray!


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