Who Says You Can’t Force a Dance Party?

Dent May, that’s who.  I mostly wanted to post this to promote a fellow-Oxonian (that’s Oxford, Mississippi, y’all) and an all-around nice guy, although he probably doesn’t need my small shout-out at this point.  The other day, Daytrotter put up their live session with Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, who plays songs from his album The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (released by Animal Collective’s record label, Paw Tracks).

But I also want to declare a personal beef with May’s comment on the sidebar regarding the song “You Can’t Force a Dance Party”:

This is a “cautionary tale” about trying too hard.  I came up with the idea for the song when a group of girls came over to my house with a boombox blasting Destiny’s Child, which sounds awesome I know, but most of the people hanging out were annoyed.  The moral of the story is that good times must happen organically.

As one of those girls in question, I’d like to offer my side of the story.  My friend M. and I were hanging around at my house when a few of our other pals suddenly appeared on my front steps, grinding to Kanye, Rihanna, etc.  At this point, their Portable Dance Party was already well underway — they had hit up a couple other house gatherings before showing up at mine. We all got so caught up in the spirit of our traveling flash mob that we said, “Hey, let’s take this to Dent’s party next!”

I guess we thought the kitschy allure of dancing girls and cheesy pop hits would appeal to the skinny-jeans-wearing crowd over at Dent’s house.  But, no.  We were apparently cutting into Very Important Activities like crossing and uncrossing their arms, or polishing their novelty belt buckles, or whatever.  We took the hint after one song and stopped before they pummeled us with PBR cans and Parliament butts.  Apparently, we had broken a social taboo so epic that, even weeks later, I had to endure self-righteous indignation from unhappy hipsters telling me how uncool it was that we just showed up, with our own music, and interrupted a party that was just the way they liked it, thank you very much.

We really weren’t trying to “force” the fun because, you see, we were actually having it. Sheesh. I love you, Dent, but it’s called a sense of humor.  As in, get one.  (Did I mention that he’s a really nice guy?  I genuinely mean that.)  But I’m sorry that my friends and I annoyed you so much that you wrote a song about it.  Or, wait.  You’re welcome.

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2 responses to “Who Says You Can’t Force a Dance Party?”

  1. dent says :

    nooo, i feel terrible now!

    trust me, i agree it was our fault not yours. essentially, we were too stoned and not in a dancing mood.

    i think the portable dance party was a sweet idea. the song is not mean to be a criticism of said PDP but rather a meditation on the idea that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    the next day i realized y’all probably felt awkward and i felt like a dick, kinda like i feel now 🙂

    the phrase popped into my head that night, but rest of the song is about trying to impress some friends from ny with a killer dance party, and no one showed….

    same kinda think happens to me when i try to get things going playing a show and concertgoers respond with crossed arms, etc.

    hope you know i still love you, candice!!

    p.s. thank you 4 inspiring me.

    • zombette says :

      Aw, shucks, don’t feel like a dick! You know this is (mostly) tongue-in-cheek. I was just puzzled/taken aback/chastized/amused.You’re one of the good ones, and I’ll maintain that til the end. I hope that Spain’s doing right by you.

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