SXSW Tentative Schedule

So, today the A.V. Club Austin reported on the release of the first tentative SXSW schedule, and truly, I am in complete awe of this list.  You could easily spend an hour skimming the list of bands slated to play this year.  Skimming. The obsessive list-maker in me wants to catalogue the names of bands I’ve listened to, and then expand that to the bands I’ve vaguely heard of.  Even if I listed all of the bands whose names I’ve heard mentioned, it would only account for a mere 5% of the artists on the entire list.  My mind boggles that there could be so many musicians on the whole planet, much less descending on this city throughout the space of a week.  Or half week.  Crap.

Sorry to sound so naive.  But you cityfolk have no idea what it’s like to grow up in a musical wasteland and then suddenly hit the motherlode.  I’m spinning.


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I like horror movies, poetry, and weird things. ATX

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