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Clearing out the cobwebs

I didn’t realize that SXSW would knock me into a six-month hiatus, but here I am, trying to remember my password and how to upload songs or images.

A few things:

I mistakenly thought the upcoming CD releases were looking pretty ho-hum this year.  I have a lot of respect for the Walkmen, but I’ve never exactly devoured their catalogue, and I thought I was over the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Of Montreal, but recent reviews have reignited some of the old excitement.  I’m eager to get ahold of Junip‘s new album, Fields (Jose Gonzalez‘ band), The ClientelesMinotaur EP, and the forthcoming Belle and Sebastian record.  See? 2010 isn’t a total bust, after all.

My obsession with Scandinavian pop music has grown over the months, and finding a couple of great blog resources has only stoked the fires: All Scandinavian and It’s A Trap are a couple I’ve been looking at.  Recently, I’m searching out Finnish bands, particularly if they sing in Finnish — but they have proven a bit difficult to track down in a lot of cases.  I do recommend a group called Regina who makes off-kilter pop music with equal parts jazz and trance influence.

The scandi-pop taste has extended to a few guilty pleasures, as well: Robyn and Annie (I dare you to get “Chewing Gum” unstuck from your head. Hint: you can’t).  I won’t lie — it’s a little easier for a nerd like me to admit I enjoy dance pop if it comes from Sweden, although it’s hard to tell if the quality of craft and songwriting is any different/better than their American diva counterparts.  When evaluating electronic pop music, I ask the most important question: can I run to it?  According to this standard, Robyn’s Body Talk, Part 2 is far superior to Part 1, no matter what most critics say (although “Fembot” is still pretty bitchin’).  And just when I thought I couldn’t love Junior Senior any more after Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, I finally got around to listening to their first full-length album, D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat. I have to say: of all the bisexual Danish party-bands out there, Junior Senior are my favorite by far.

That’s the wrap-up for now.  I’m looking for some new stuff to get excited about, so if there’s something I absolutely-must-listen-to-right-now, please tell me!