Quick Thoughts on the Walking Dead Premiere

Here are a few things I was excited about while watching “Seed,” the 3rd season premiere of The Walking Dead (a show I’ve had a love-hate, sometimes hate-hate relationship with):

–Yay, T-Dog has lines!

–The opening sequence was mostly wordless.  I’ve been mentally willing them all to shut up for so long and they finally did.

–I didn’t want to punch Lori in the face.

–I didn’t want to punch Carl in the face.

–Carl’s pretty good with that gun!  I’m glad they finally let him carry one so he’d stop whining about it.

–Carol finally shows signs of a personality.  Also, Carol and Daryl (rhyming!) are kind of cute and unexpected as a duo.

–The group actually did useful, interesting, and logical things in this episode rather than making a series of dumb decisions to drive the plot forward.

–The ladies get to kick a little ass (especially Maggie) after they’ve been so pathetic for the last two seasons. Now we need to develop Hershel’s other no-name daughter into a character who does more than just look scared/catatonic all the time.

–The cast is still so big, it feels like they aren’t getting killed off regularly enough.  But just when I thought we would have a casualty-free episode, Hershel got bitten!  He’s the one I would have picked, too.

–Lots of zombies! On a show about zombies.  Imagine that.


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