First, I should apologize for disappearing in December.  Been on the move, like a shark, and haven’t been thinking much about writing and movies.  Naughty me.  I’m not even self-destructive enough to make some kind of New Year’s resolution that I will blog more (every day!), so the best I can say is that I will try to have something interesting to say at least once a week.

Did I say I haven’t been thinking about movies?  That’s a lie.  I have seen Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Hobbit, Silent Night, Rare Exports, The Avengers, Safety Not Guaranteed, Sound of My Voice, The Artist, and unfortunately, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Some were great, some were not, some were meh, and others were just really interesting in ways I can’t describe.

I’ve also watched a boatload (buttload?) of a little show called American Horror Story, which you should watch if you haven’t already because of the sheer insanity and also because Jessica Lange is perfection.

Going forth on the blog: I tried thinking about doing a different film genre, era, or director every month (French New Wave! Woody Allen! James Bond!) but in the interest of knowledge, time, and DVD/streaming availability, it makes more sense to play to my strengths — horror movies.  Occasionally, I will take on a special month-long project, like I did with Korean films, when the fancy strikes me.

(I call dibs on Fancy Strikes band name)

Hope your 2013 is wacky and pleasurable!


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