This is the place where I write about interesting things.  I’m interested in contemporary poetry, movies that are bizarre, frightening, funny, or disturbing, art that you can wear (hypothetically), people being hilarious, lots of beer, memento mori photography, wacked-out architecture, beautiful redheaded men (aka unicorns), catchy pop music from Scandinavian countries, and copious amounts of television.  Hopefully someone out there will find them interesting, too.


2 responses to “About”

  1. mark says :

    It’d be nice if you left your name here in your about me section so one could cite you as a source on other blogs or anything else for that matter. Also, it’d help your credibility. Stupid.

    • Candice says :

      Aw, bless your little heart for worrying about my credibility! Somehow I’ve managed to cite all of my sources, even when I didn’t have an author’s name. You’re a big boy; you’ll figure it out someday. Keep trying!

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