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Hey, Pitchfork!

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, STOP USING THE WORD “CAVERNOUS” TO DESCRIBE SHIT.  I WILL BUY YOU A FUCKING THESAURUS.  Also, stop categorizing certain types of music as “chillwave.”  I have no fucking idea what that means.

In other news, SXSW is happening.  Cheers!


Google just says “No” to mp3 blogs

Pitchfork is now reporting that Google has shut down a number of Blogger mp3 blogs for violating terms of services by posting songs on their sites.  Google actually went so far as to delete entire blogs, which means that all of the content, sometimes several years’ worth of posts, disappeared into the web-ether.  While unsurprising, it’s also kind of scary.  Regardless of the legal issues involved, one mp3 posted to a blog entry is relatively harmless, and even helpful to artists in terms of generating word-of-mouth, compared to wholesale leaks and torrent downloads.  Do you think other servers will follow Google’s lead?  Or is Google just too big to take chances with copyright infringement?

Time to start backing up those archives.